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What we’re going to talk a little bit about a black guy, James Black Guy that, uh, made the first night for Jim and a little bit of it that is making business and such and other people that might’ve made blades for a buoy knife. And like I say, all these nice can be found in our Oklahoma Gift Shop Red Pony. We enjoy selling out of it and hope to continue to do it for many years. It’s so much fun having a Oklahoma gift shop and going places and meeting all these people and meet other people that uh,

sell stuff so black soon had a booming business, making a sell on these nights out of his shop in Washington, Arkansas. Black continued or technique and improve the quality of the knife as he went in 18, 39. Shortly after his wife’s, the black was nearly blinded when while he was in bed with the illness, his father in law and former partner Birken dues home and attacked him with the club. Having objected to his daughters having married black years earlier, life was no longer able to continue as trade black. We’re on the ceiling, tough, have flexible and this technique and not being duplicated. Black campus techniques secret and did all the work behind a leather curtain. Many claim that black rediscovered the secret of producing true Damascus steel

in 1970 at the age of 70 black attempted to pass on the secret and a family that care for him in his old age, Daniel Webster Jones, however black had been retired for many years and found that he himself had forgotten the sacred Jones would later become governor of Arkansas. Not a bad consolation prize for a I don’t know how to make the buoy. Napa become governor, that that’s quite a story there. The birthplace, the bowie knife is now part of the old Washington historic park which has over 40 restored historic buildings and other facilities including black shot park, is known as the colonial Williamsburg of Arkansas. American Blacksmith Society established the William F Moron School, a blade smiting and as sides and straight new apprentice as well as journeymen and master smiths in the art of Bladesmith in the claims regarding James Black. And it’s nice had been challenged by historians and the experts. Little can be either no proven or disproven. Black was found mentally and captain for his claims were published.

What a disclaimer there he was found mentally and cognitively for his plans were published. Oklahoma Gift Shop Later history, the term booty. NAF appeared in advertising multiple places by 1835 about eight years after the Sandbar Bra, while James Jim James was still alive from context. Bullying needed no description in, but the spelling was variable. Among the first mission was a plan to combine a buoy knife and a pistol cut. Lawyers. We’re shipping sheath mass from Sheffield, England by the early 18 thirties, but 18, 38 or writer in Baltimore. Newspaper posted from New Orleans suggested every reader had seen a boom that the bouneff and its greatest popper letter popularity in the old southwest of the mid 19th century were several math schools were established to teach students that are fighting with a buoy nap. Can you imagine to today having a school did toss. Knife fighting is absolutely crazy bullied. Nas had a role in American conflicts of the 19th century. They are historically mentioned the independence of Texas in the Mexican war, the California gold rush, the civil strife in Kansas, the civil war, and later column conflicts with the American Indians, John Brown, the evolution evolutionist carried a boot which is taken by the be John Wilkes booth. Assessment of Abraham Lincoln grew up a large bowie knife as he escaped buffalo bill cody carried and scab day son chief for a said to you, I guess the guy below the chief in 18, 76 in revenge for customers,

the battle of War Bonnet Creek and the illustration, the reputed events showed a booting up the popularity of the decline late in the 19th century. Large caliber reliable revolvers were available in the 1870 seventies reducing in NASA advantage. The front tier replied, vanished, reducing the number of hunters and trappers, large, nice and limited utility, so buoys shrunk. I guess that goes along with the old adage, don’t bring in that two again, fat. You can smell a U. S, United States Marine Corps, k bar of World War Two. Fame is based on the boy design since 18, 60 doing with solid machine into blacks backs. Uh, the blade appeared as the United States air force survival knife saw teeth were intended to cut through the acrylic glass can be of a downed aircraft during the Vietnam War, the United States army issue. Then the helicopter crews for the same purpose. On July 27th, 19, 69 manson associate Bobby Booth, soline murdered Gary Hinman by stabbing him with the. And I don’t know why that’s in there, but it is folks, I kid you not a very different styles. And, uh,

variations of the knife. And, uh, we’re going to go into fitness session. Jim Bowie was inducted in the blade magazine Cutlery Hall of fame at the 1998 blade show in Atlanta, Georgia post humorously because of course Jim died many, many years before that. Oklahoma Gift Shop Recognition for his impact that is designed made of bone generation. Now my knife makers and cutlery, Japanese custom knife maker, Ernest Emerson, originally used a buoy knife and his logo and manufacturers of solving really known in his lineup as the CQC. Three, I don’t think I’ve seen that one myself. I need to see if I can google a picture of that and see that booty enough. Appears on the shoulder sleeve insignia of 30 Ninth Infantry Brigade Combat Team headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Among the many variations on Boeing, NASA discovered they’re shown by flatter men or Peterson or buoys with interchangeable blades, pushed acres, doubled ended buoys, floating buoys boost corkscrews or other accessories. Bayonets combination buoy pistols, I believe with a saw tooth bag and a confederate booze with regard summit were works of fine art and some are not a giant floating buoy, almost seven feet, seven feet, toe and link weighing. Thirty four pounds was made for presentation to American Congressmen who offered it to engaged enough to dispute between Roger Addison prior and John Potter that had to be to Arkansas dates. I kid you not if you. Huge boobs up to nine feet long or created for ics tradition and the tissue. Over the years, many NASA been called Boogie Nass and the term also, Mike is generic term for any large sheath nap. During the early days of the American civil war, confederate soldiers carry immenseness called guard, asked me then could have qualified as short swords and we’re often my old saw or site blades, c, y, t, h e, uh, and there are just so many. We, uh, try to carry as many six blades is we can if the red pony, the or Oklahoma gift shop because so many people like different things. And uh, it’s why we, uh, like getting out meeting people and uh, able to carry a lot of things that are Oklahoma gift shop. The bowie knife is sometimes confused with the Arkansas toothpick possibly to, to the interchangeable use of names or consulting big enough. And Arkansas,

Arkansas. Toothpick is essentially her dagger with straight 15 to 25 minutes played while balancing and weighing for growing the toothpick can use for thrusting slashing. Although Jane Spike is popular, credit

frame binning the Arkansas toothpick. No firm evidence exists for this climb. Oh, black got credit for a lot of stuff. The whether he actually did that or not, who knows? Mass made in Sheffield, England, we’re quick to enter the market with bowie knife, a distinctive pattern that most modern use users identify what the true form buoy, the shift pattern latest thinner than the black news, so nice, which the false image is often longer with a more oblique and less pronounced slippage, or the buoy is often considered a unique American math. Most bloods were produced in Sheffield, England. Sheffield. Boos were so with a wide range of itch or stamped slogans designed to appeal to Americans. A little marketing going on here, a death to evolution deaf to traders. Americans never surrenders Alabama, Arkansas, toothpick and a gold seekers protector. Wow. American victories in generals and current memory. Enough on many design designs including folding NASA there, the British discuss the origin of the products operating the Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, American Columbia works in Sheffield. Oklahoma Gift Shop They stamped us New York, excedrin on their blades, the Sheffield factories or warehouses that collected the work of area craftsman, smelters, forgers grinder, silversmith carves editors were individuals or small businesses. Wow.

What I do next, we’re gonna. Oklahoma Gift Shop Talk about little bit about the, uh, the collecting aspect and always nice that we’ve talked about can be fine if the red pony, we have different many different varieties of, uh, a buoy knife and Arkansas to big. Also, if you have any questions, just give us a call at our number and we will be glad to assist you in ordering one and we’ll come back. We’ll talk a little bit of back collecting.

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