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Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the national Cherokee holiday we went to and all of the things that were available there. Carrie, how are you? We did this weekend, so it was pretty good trying to get my wife to talk a little bit on the gift shop. She’s Kinda of. She likes to voice her opinion and uh, just to make them like Oklahoma Gift Shop. We have an Oklahoma gift shop in the state of Oklahoma. Where else would an Oklahoma gift shop? They, uh, the calendar, the events scheduled for the 2018, a national holiday. Turkey holiday is passed following. We had the pre holiday events that went on before the actual powwow. We had the uh, own, uh, August 18th. We had the junior Miss Cherokee leadership competition. Then on eight slash 24, we had the Cherokee homecoming art show and sale, which many artists from around the state came to

the 24th and 25th. We had the softball, fast pitch and coed tournament. Many teams from around the country come to this event each year and participate. It’s a kind of a, something that everybody enjoys coming to and competing and meeting people that had seen in previous years and uh, France from around the tub and friends and family from around the area. And on the 25th we had the traditional native games championship each year here in the state of Oklahoma. They, uh, go around to different towns and a young, young people in the Cherokee nation play different games and competition and compete against each other. And on the 25th they had a championships. Then we on the eight slash 25, we had the man stickball term and stick ball is a trumpet to be a native American sports, one of the first competitions that we know of the native Americans


Then on the 25th we have the tribal vim festival. And on the also on the 25th we have the Miss Cherokee leadership competitional. And on the 26th, the softball tournament, a containment and on the 30th, the golf tournament for $50 dollars over a two person scrambles. And that included, uh, the prey holiday events. Then on the 31st we started off with a arts and crafts Cherokee, homecoming art show and sale golf tournament, a tape person scramble. Oklahoma Gift Shop This is for everybody, not just 50 and over.

Then we had the quilt show between five and six PM. Then we had the Cherokee nation gift shop and art show that started at 10:00 on Friday. We also had the national Cherokee nation museums free. It was a free admission and we had a national holiday art show from one to eight from four to 10.

Sure keys. Fun Day started at 4:00. International powwow started at five and it ran this. The dance part went to seven. Then we had the three on three basketball tournament at six stickball social game for 30. Then the ever popular Bingo started at six PM. Gospel singing started at 6:00. Softball, slow pitch tournament started at six in the inner trouble powwow. Grand entry started at 7:00 PM and that pretty much concluded Friday and on Saturday, September first we started with the five k holiday. Ryan had people from all over the country come to that. Then we have the corn stock shoot competition, not exactly sure what that is, but it started at 7:00 AM and then the Jason Christie’s children’s fishing day and of course more arts and crafts, Cherokee homecoming art show and sales started that Turkey’s fun day children’s Fund. I started at nine. The foreperson scrambles started that marble tournament finals that I am. How would I like to solve that one? Didn’t. The quilt show started at 9:00. The slow pitch tournament started at nine and the three on three basketball tournaments and volleyball. Coed started at Cherokee. National Holiday Parade was not 30 downtown Tahlequah at the horseshoe pitching competition which that 30. Then the Cherokee culture plants and

Gordon was 10 to 11 and the Cherokee nation gift show was 10 to four and that pretty much concluded the first part of the day on September first. Then we also had the. A lot of these are continuations. They had the Cherokee nation museums. The free admission to that, the national holiday art show and the Cherokee Nation holiday book signing, but Tracy Sorel, veteran’s center, open house, the ww killer complex, open house, more Bingo, Cherokee culture and traditional activities. State of the nation address for the Cherokee nation, a Blowgun Cup contest to that one too. That was a real. I’m sure that would have been real interesting. Then we have the Cherokee, a culture, plants and presentation. Then the elders, fun bay out of fitting good in the elders. Fun Day. Then Arts and crafts Jerky,

nice history of survival, but signing

cheeky and I chuck key demonstration. Not sure what that is. Then a fiddlers contest, a traditional food cooking. The administration should have went to that one. The taco stuff better. It’s what I say

and our travel powwow, the descendants of nasty Nancy Ward maybe and a four Moons Ballet Veterans Reception Gospel Singing,

a continuation on the inner tribal powwow, stickball games, Cherokee stories, and they’ll walk past that wrath and concluded a Saturday and on Sunday we had the grass and also the car show a lot and this is Saturday, September. Second thing, you definitely need to make place, never been to a powwow or mended the Cherokee nation headquarters and telephone. My, it’s a great place to be. It’s a place where you enjoy taking our Oklahoma gift shop to the powwow every year. It’s a lot of fun. We get to meet new people and new France every year and next year 2019. We’ll be bringing our Oklahoma gift shop back to the Cherokee. It’s always on labor day or has been for a long time. And as far as I know to you to be, it’s always a good time of year to have it on Sunday. Uh, like I say, a continuation of the arts and crafts the car show, Cherokee, upcoming arts and sale. A Children’s Fund Day first and Best Ball Golf Tournament. A slow pitch. A continuation on the art show and gift shop. It’s for worst setup with our Oklahoma mature, the Cherokee Nice.

And museums

they, uh,

another book signing. We have Sunday morning worship between 10 and 12 more. Bingo at 11. A book signing by Morrison it at liberty to a free fade. That must have been at the POW wow what or or it was selling because that was between 1230 and 3:30.

Free fee, man. I bet that was good. Sure. Tradition and culture activities between one and five and a quilt shows and 1:00 PM to 3:00 AM. The finale is a huge firework show that 30 pm to mark the end of the national holiday for the Cherokees. And that’s always an exciting and great show. It’s done at a bunch of different locations. Uh, some of the sites or school sports complex. The Cherokee nation culture role brands, Cherokee spring golf course. The one far field with wwe Keller complex, the Cherokee nation gift shop. And the fishing pond. The Cherokee nation piece pavilion hunters. How formally the Merle and the John Ross Museum and gift shop. Ross cemetery, Cherokee heritage center, male seminary family recreation center, Cherokee National Prison Museum and Gift Shop, Cherokee Art Center, Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum and Gift Shop Downtown Telecall

Cherokee National Capitol Square. You Laugh, worship center. Oklahoma Gift Shop The Thompson House, the Cherokee St Tallant bomb, the place where they play armory center, Cherokee, national veteran’s center spot or gallery, telecall chamber, and this center, Cherokee Springs Plaza, northeastern State University Web Auditorium, American Legion post 1:35 joked or archery range.

Just many of the locations were part of the going on

the Cherokee national holiday. The 66 or Cherokee national holiday theme is family at Bridge to the future and linked to the past. This year’s at work does that, but Cherokee national treasure Dan Bank takes the national family tree supporting this seven clans talk last blue bear here. Hey bird deer and wild potato within the branches. The sacred fire with three flames wants to sending the three Cherokee tribes for direction surround the fire. Original, excellent, ancient and universal symbol of faith given to all mankind. 14 ranks of smoke around the fire on it. County city commerce, our traditional community style, Oklahoma. The tree is circle bus, 66 interlocking gates symbolizing the late from our past to our future. For a further details and a way to find out about next year’s festival, go to charity. The Cherokee.org for the national holiday holiday next year will mark the 67th annual and it’s a place where we always bring our Oklahoma gift shop. Too many other people bring their Oklahoma. Give shots to this event. Thank you very much for now and we’ll be coming to you later.

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