Oklahoma Gift Shop | Getting Our Mobile Unit Going

This episode today, I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the locations we go to is we take our Oklahoma gift shop around the state and our mobile unit. Uh, we call it the red pony. Some of the places that we’ve been to in January, we’re a, the agora fast and needed Oklahoma a where they sell a lot of farming equipment and a different services for a foreign people and cattle ranchers, a bunch of tractors and a fade and just all kinds of items that have to do with farming and ranching. A, they have a,

a set up in the big conference center there in, uh, in, in there by the Rodeo. And we do a show there and we take our items such as the Maskus knives, jewelry, stun guns, uh, all kinds of folding knives, crosses and beaded jewelry. We, uh, Kinda have that in our mobile unit and take it across the state. And we started at an event this year. One of the other places we’d been at is the hard rock casino and one of their conference rooms there by the casino. We’ve set up there and met a lot of Nice people and enjoyed ourselves and we’re able to, uh, sell a lot of products

and one of the other locations we set up some time is a at the flower shop and the Husk Oklahoma we set up outside and uh, we see a lot of people that’s going into the market and tile there, Ampa Huska and get a chance to sell our products there. And we’ve also set up at the Duncan Rodeo and while they’re having their, uh, maybe our professional qualifying event, we’re able to say a lot of cowboys and cowgirls and get to meet them. And it’s just a whole bunch of fun getting to meet different people from different walks of life. And since we, uh, retired from working at our convenience store for 17 years that we owned their burgers, Oklahoma, we’re a doing this and uh, it’s just, uh, we got to meet a lot of people in our store that come through. Not just our regulars but other people also that we’re traveling on route 66. But by doing this, we’re a exposing ourself. So many more people. Oklahoma Gift Shop And different, uh, different countries, different states, and uh, it’s just a whole lot of fun. And uh, they’re in Dunkin. We, uh, did really well and had a, had a really good time and we’ve also set up in Oklahoma City and they’re at the fairgrounds. It a motorcycle rally. Motorcycle people are, uh, they’re from either walk a lap, they’re a little bit different compared to your cowboys and cowgirls, but still they like nice and they like jewelry and they’re good people.

And we’ve also set up at a, uh, shawnee there in the park and uh, met a lot of interesting people. I have a, a native American population in Shawnee that, uh, we sell a lot of bad jewelry too. And uh, a lot of our night of pattern blankets. One of the other places we’ve set up is in a perkins, again, a Rodeo. It was at, uh, at this one. I actually had to write out Rodeo rank outside and uh, had a little bit of a windstorm there. And uh, on the second night and got a quite a bit of, but we were over the next week, we’re able to clean all that off and get that cleaned up and straightened out. And a whole lot of fun. Every snake, a snake wife from our, uh, Oklahoma gift. Shop the red pony and go over and watch some good rodeo and professional athletes that do that sport and see where else have we been besides the location? Oh yeah, the, uh, when, Oklahoma Gift Shop when Nocca rattlesnake festival hits out in western Oklahoma, northwestern Oklahoma, pretty close to Alva, which is the home of the north western state college.

We got to see some snakes. I mean huge rattle snakes like 80 inches long rattlesnakes growing up in Oklahoma. I grew up in the eastern side of the state and I thought I’ll rattle snakes or oh, I don’t know, 12 or 24 inches long. Somewhere in there. A big one would actually be 30 inches long. The eastern rattle snakes, but had in western Oklahoma, there is some 80 inches long and a thick is your arm. They’re just amazing how big around they are. And how long they are and they would be just tons of them. People would catch them and bring them and uh, just amazing to see all of them in cages and they’d take them out one by one and scan them and uh, sell the mate and a, just a real fun thing to do. You need to do it at least once in your life.

Go out and see all the good people. It’s a small town. There’s places eat, there’s places to stay. And of course they have the little Sierra right there, the little, uh, the sand dunes and people go out there and ride their four wheelers and ride around on player Polaris. And it’s just a whole lot of fun. I like going back in time and it’s real fun thing to do and we’ll be setting up our Oklahoma gift shop there again next year. The Red Pony and why Malka I always the first weekend after Easter. So be looking for that again. I’m not sure when Easter is in 2019, but be looking for that next year. And I don’t care from what state you’re from. It would be a memory of a lifetime. You would enjoy it and uh, a lot of good food there at the festival to and of course we’re there and I guarantee they’d be a product there that you’d want to buy and take home with you in our Oklahoma Gift Shop.

Okay. Another place we went to was the sand springs barbecue and blues. It was at the park just right there by the baseball and the soccer fails right off. I think it’s, we leak a road there in sand springs and it’s about a mile from the qt there. And we sit up there. A lot of good music, good music. They did a good job of putting it on and also tons of barbecue and I mean good barbecue and we set up there and met a lot of people. People even called me after the show warning products and since we live in sandy springs and have our shop set up here, we also are able to uh, meet people and deliver products or type products, uh, they can come to our place or. But we can definitely get the product to them. And also we went to another rattlesnake festival, this was probably the biggest one in, uh, the state, the Apache rattlesnake fest.

We’ll just a huge event, tons of vendors and all kinds of food. Uh, it Apache is about 30 minutes or so from Lawton and uh, just you go to a patsy plan on staying the whole weekend for the whole thing because it takes a while to get through everything. It’s set up really well. They a great place to ban. They take care of you, uh, and if you’ve got an Oklahoma gift shop or a, if you just bend on weekends or you have food products or something that you want to get out there for people to say. And uh, this is a great place to get started, a great place to get reviews and, uh, just a great place to spend the weekend and have a blast. It’s a very kid friendly. Same as both of them are very kid friendly. They, uh, have a kind of a carnival.

They have a lot of rides there also. And just a neat little town if you enjoy going to small towns and going to festivals and it’s just a great place to be. Great, great place to see a lot of Oklahoma gift shops. Okay. And also one of the other places we went to was the red fern festival in Tahlequah. We were there, the home of the Cherokee nation. It’s one of the other things you can do while you’re in Tahlequah, northeastern state, Redmond, and I think they’re called the river hawks now that I know him as the Redmond. Great. Uh, went to college there. Had a blast, a great town to visit, plenty to say. And like I said, the home, the Cherokee Nice. And you got to get out there and see all the heritage and stuff that’s out there. We set up in a downtown telephone call with our Oklahoma and gift shop and met a lot of people, a lot of native Americans there.

So we sold a lot of native American blankets and rbt jewelry was a huge hit. We, uh, and of course the massive snipes and, uh, great place to visit Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Okay. After telequal we visited the barbecue and blues and that was, excuse me, be Oklahoma. That was a big space. The Barbecue and blues, great barbecue competition out there. I had a whole lot of fun, a little barbecue. They had an all you can eat barbecue for like $10 a person. And uh, me, I got my fill of barbecue and uh, they had a barbecue competition and we got the vote on who’s the best and we had a, a friend out there that, uh, did a fantastic job voted for him.

And also after that we went to the stillwell strawberry festival and it’s been going on many years. If you’ve never been to stillwell you need to go, go to the festival. They give away free strawberries and ice cream at the end of the show on Saturday. And if you’ve never been to still well in eight and eating strawberries go. I mean all you can eat strawberries and ice cream at the end of the show and probably gained a few pounds after that one. Let’s see where else we went. Uh, we went to Harrison, Arkansas for the Crawdad festival. Got over to my native state and get to say a lot of folks over there and, uh, got to eat crawfish. That was interesting. If you never ate crawfish, you probably need to practice a little bit before you go there. Uh, me and my wife had a little trouble learning how to eat crawfish at first. Then we kind of got the hang of it. And uh, definitely learn how to eat crawfish before you go there.

A lot of people. We took our Oklahoma gift shop to Harrison, Arkansas. It is a huge event that got a, a stuffed down at the park and also the downtown area. Next step was in late May, was the Claremore Rodeo. We did quite a few rodeos this year. If you can tell. We took our Oklahoma and gift shop to the Rodeo and got to see a lot at good bull riding and roping a whole lot of people. Their next step was a El Reno out in western Oklahoma. They were, uh, had a lot of stuff. [inaudible] 66. I had drag races on the highway. They shut down part of highway 66. We’re doing burnouts drag races and uh, they had a, one night they had a where you could just cruising and all kinds of neat cars you could say anytime you could shop the different Oklahoma Gift Shop. And ours was there, the red pony and we were selling our goods and all the cars were dragging and uh, the burnouts and the burnouts were really neat. It’s a, my. Unfortunately the wind was blowing our way so we got to smell a lot of smug for about four hours there. And, but it was really incredible to say all the stuff and all of the car people and all the stuff is going on in written out. Definitely if you’ve got a car you want to show off or if you want to go see cars, you needed to go to El Reno. Enlightened my, excuse me, first of June.

Then we went to, uh, the Ponka city Rodeo, another Rodeo. And uh, one of the most fun Rodeos that we’ve done. It ran a lot on leading up to it, but they were able to have it and uh, got everything dried up and did a fantastic job up there. Just they had a dance every night after the Rodeo and that was really popular. Tons of people come out for the dance every night. I think it was three, three night rodeo Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And we did that and very successful. We also did a show that weekend on a Saturday morning and went to the Rodeo that night. We did a show in Collinsville during the daytime and they had a lot of cars. It was a car show, so everybody was showing off the cars and they get tons of awards and different models and uh, if you want to go see and I will call a lot of old cars that are fixed up real nice. The console car show is super nice every year. We also did the balloon for Tulsa Balloon Festival. This is our second year to do that. The first year it was over on 41st and Garnett this year it was down around 81st and Lewis area.

Fantastic. You got to go say balloons. It’s perfect place to watch the blinds. Shopping Oklahoma Gift Shop. Especially the red pony. Just a beautiful balloons. I don’t, you don’t get to see him very often and they, a lot of, I mean I think they had 12 to 15 out there this year and you got, you could go up on it and they also have a helicopter rides. A lot of people did that and a lot of people that maybe don’t get the opportunity to fly or stuff like that. They can take a reasonably priced, a helicopter ride around the area.

And we did. Our last show was the green corn festival down in bigsby. Bigsby has a po, a, you do it, the park there in downtown big ski. Uh, they have a lot of children’s stuff. Have a daytime and on Saturday and definitely needed to get out for that when, if you have small kids and I have sack races. I mean it was going on for like, the races were going on for like four hours and uh, it was just a blast to be around all the young people. And get to see them participate. They had a football to row for younger and older people. It’s great again, to go out and see an Oklahoma gift shop, especially the red pony. Uh, some of the other events we’re going to be going to this year are a, a bunch of firework festivals down in Davis and Altis Blanchard, Marlow, and on a lot of places coming out and the poor preach festivals. Why don’t you come out and join us, be able to see a lot of Oklahoma gift shop and especially the red pony. And thank you very much for your time and we’ll be having other topics, I think. Next we’re going to do the stun guns and thank you for listening.

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