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Hello, this is Jeff Floyd with red pony, Oklahoma Gift Shop. We are going to talk a little bit about some of the shows that we’ve been to this year. We have been to the, uh, well not this year, this, uh, this month. I’ve already shared some of the things that we’ve been to this year, but, uh, we started off with math by selling a little bit at a local convenience store that we shop at all the time. The owner is nice enough to let us set up or a canopy and sell a few things down there. We’ll get to meet quite a few people as you can imagine that show up to the convenience store it and normal day, uh, we sell all kinds of stuff in our Oklahoma gift shop, the navs blankets, a beaded jewelry, hand beaded jewelry, stun guns, native pattern blankets, just a little bit of everything. And if we’ve got extra inventory left over or something like that, that’s always a good place to, uh, sell it. People are always looking for bargains. We’ll put it on sale. And, uh, so some things hips us a lower inventory and a stuff that we’re kind of discontinuing are moving on from.

And uh, August fourth, uh, we went to guthrie per a, a weekend festival actually it was a Saturday, Saturday evening festival. Had a lot of good music, a lot of good food, tons of people showed up and go through for that. That was a good little show. Uh, people like to get out on a Saturday night or they might not want to do, go out and spend a ton of money or go to a show or something like that. They just want to get out for a few hours. One of these festivals is a perfect place to go see good music and a eat a little bit different food, which they did have a lot of different kind of food boost in Guthrie. And uh, get to see your neighbor.

Then on, uh, August 11th, we went to properly, what is the biggest watermelon festival? Uh, and at least in the state of Oklahoma, the place was a, it was just nonstop. One of the best festivals I’ve ever seen growing up here in Oklahoma, and uh, we took our Oklahoma gift shop down there to rush springs and, uh, a tons of watermelon. It was incredibly good and enjoyed it. Metal, other new people, a lot of vendors were done there. All kinds of food as you can imagine and got to see some people that, uh, we landed with throughout the years. You never know which vendors are going to show up at these shows and we just enjoy the heck out of it. Taken our Oklahoma gift shop to these different places. It was extremely hot day, but, uh, we got lucky. We got to set up under a shade tree, which makes things a whole lot easier. Plus we have a little generator that we take around with us. It’s super quiet. It’s called a when the Ben and we, uh, bought it off Amazon and take it around with us and also have a big loss, a big fan. It’s a one that sits on the ground or the floor, if you will. And, uh, but it blows quite a bit of air. We picked it up at Sam’s, think it’s called Lasko Fan.

It helps keep us cool during the day. The wife definitely don’t like to be hot. And a guy it was, we sold a lot of stuff that day. It was definitely a first. All that will go back to and hopefully do well is we did this last time because it was, it was really good. Never heard anybody complain about the rush springs a watermelon festival. And after that we went to uh, one of the two rodeos of the month. This one was the bristow. It was a smaller Rodeo but a decent amount of people showed up at and we get to meet some interesting people there. And one of them was Jackie Mclean and he, uh, does things with non profits fundraising with nonprofits. And one of the things I talked to him about was our charge. And uh, they do, they work with. A lot of churches were like picture a, you can make a donation online to the, to the church. And uh, Oklahoma Gift Shop it, it helps increase donations by like at least 30 percent. Some of them as much as 70 percent because like if, uh, the church wanted to put something on there like a youth camp need need $200 more for a, for scholarships for youth camp or something like that. You would get a text message and uh, you’d be able to donate immediately to that fund. Whatever you wanted to ever remember in the congregation or

anybody that they had down would be able to get a text message and you could immediately donate to that fund. And I think it’s just a wonderful thing for people are not always able to go to church. Sometimes when they come back it’s, you can kind of, it, you might not be able to donate, double have to make up for what you didn’t donate. But now even if you don’t make the church at Sunday, you can donate and be able to keep up with your tagging, which is very important in a Christian life. And, uh, set up a meeting with him and our preacher out here prove first Baptist and also my

nephew Jesse, who is a pastor over at church at Ayn. And so hopefully that works out in the church, his favor and ever, but he’s able to do a better job of touting. Okay, onto the next weekend of the 24th and 25th was the extreme Rodeo at Alix, Oklahoma, excuse me. And we were able to take her Oklahoma gift shop down there and it’s in a southern part of Oklahoma, uh, the west end of the state. And that was a great little. It’s called extreme rodeo because of so many different reasons. Uh, like in the wild bronc riding, there is no, uh, you’re not in an arena, you’re just in a wide open field. And some of them horses just went crazy. I mean, we were, we had our cars parked around the, uh, right outside the gates where the horse comes out in a circular form and a, we’re a fence normally would be or something like that. And that’s where we stood in. A few of the horses came out and just went right through the crowd. And this one cab boy, I can’t remember his name, but I mean he rode the horse and stayed on it. And it was amazing, I mean these broncs can buck and these, a few of these cowboys that stayed on a did an amazing job and some top talent out there wasn’t just a guys at were amateurs. It was professional bronc riders and uh, they did an amazing job

and one of the other things that happened and we’re just happy that we’re able to take our Oklahoma Gift Shop, uh, to these locations because having an Oklahoma gift shop, it makes it a lot, a lot of fun to go to these places and sell stuff and see all this different, all these different things and meet these, all these different people and all these contexts. It really helps and gets her name’s out there and own our Gif on our Oklahoma gift shop on the. We’ve just got our set up where we can sell online and the red pony gifts. And we just have a blast doing it. One of the other things I saw was the extreme bull riding and same high quality cattle stock in a. These shows. I mean, they don’t just bring out broncs and bulls that just buck a little bit. They bring out the best, the best quality and the bulls went crazy. I mean, there, there’s a few cowboys that road, but there wasn’t a ton. I mean, I, I can’t remember exactly how many did ride, but there’s a lot of them that road for a while but just couldn’t hang on for the full seven seconds.

One of the other things I got to say that it was just a, it was, oh, it was great. I mean it was just a great spectator sport and that was the bull fighting and the prize was $30,000, which is a ton of money for this event. And it was a winner take all $30,000 and you had these guys who were in the arena then they wouldn’t let the bullies. And I’m not sure exactly how much time they had to spend in the rink with a bull, but they had the engage the bowl to score points and uh, and at the end they would all try to do a signature move. And uh, as far as taunting the bull or this one guy, the guy that wanted ended up jumping over the head of the bull and it was just a great to watch and a lot of the Bulls got the riders, not none of them got hurt. There’s a few of them that a, their horn and a little bit on the, the participants. But, uh, the cowboys, but no, nobody got a gorder poked real bad or her or anything like that, which is a great.

And I also will get to see different age brackets. We got to see a young cowboys, uh, I mean they had like from five and under, or excuse me, five and above. They had cab boys doing, they had different age brackets for different stuff and they had the,

like the 10 and under a bronc riding. And uh, just watching these men, he’s courser ponies that we’re bucketing on the, on the smaller cap boys. They were just as exciting to watch as the older cab boys. And uh, it was, they did a fantastic job of staying on. And I was really surprised they would just light, not light bag, but they would lean back and, uh, them horses shoot out a gay man, uh, ponies were quick and fast and a pointing him bucking. So it’s definitely something if you like, Rodeos are good. Entertainment is definitely something you need to go to and a say because I want you to do, I think you’d be hooked on a high quality of entertainment is we got to see, uh, some roping. A lot of young ladies.

Well, excuse me, got to see a lot of roping to from the cowboys. And uh, that is really a good skill. Uh, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of patients to be a, a good roper. It’s not easy to do for certain many years of practice for most of them get really good at it. We also get to see the young ladies participant paid in the barrel racing and a really talented young ladies that do a fantastic job and you can tell how much they practice by how good they cut around the barrels and the speed at which they participate at.

And, uh, if you ever get a chance to go to an extreme Rodeo, I know they have one every year and Alex and we definitely plan on going back next year was not only a good event, it was very entertaining and we enjoy taking our Oklahoma give shop down there. As I’ve said many times we take our Oklahoma gift shop all over the state of Oklahoma and uh, that way we’d like to get a lot of exposure when not only liked to make sales, but also like to get exposure for our website, which is a great place to do since we’ve been just about all over the state of Oklahoma and get to pass out our cards for Oklahoma Gift Shop and you get to meet new people.

One of the last places we’re going to this month is the Cherokee national holiday. It is the weekend of Labor Day, which start today is a Wednesday and it starts in a few days when we were there last year. And it’s a place for all the Cherokees. Celebrate their culture. They have a pow wow and a lot of different artists and people that make native goods and they have softball games, a lot of sports, and it’s just kinda like a family reunion for a lot of these native American people. They get to come back to the talent, well, the home and the Cherokees and get to see all their friends and family and just have a great time in Tahlequah was just packed on that weekend and it’s such a fun place to be. And come on back this next week

I will be able to go over everything and uh, let you know how it all went because it’s definitely something you need to get out and see if you’re able to get it out on a Labor Day weekend, you would not want to miss the Cherokee national holiday. Great place to pick up Indian tacos. Just just fantastic Indian tacos at these events. These people obviously know how to make food and you’ll get a bunch of different kinds of food stuff that maybe you’ve never tried before. And uh, that’s always a lot of fun when you’re going into something like that. Getting something new and uh, that’ll of course make you want to come back and say different things you’ll get to be where it’s a habit of that you have to go to every year, kind of like say the porter page festival. There is a people that come back year after year after year and uh, they would miss it and it should be a decent weather. Should be nice and warm, not too hot, I don’t think. I think you call him for low nineties, which is not bad this time of year and the evenings or not so, uh, Oklahoma Gift Shop

quite so bad as I weren’t midsummer they’re starting to, I won’t say you’re starting to get into fall weather yet, but uh, seemed like the nights are not quite as hot as they were for awhile. So it should be some really good evening evenings. And that’s of course when the sales are happening in the different music is going on. And so even if you can’t stand the, hey, you should be during the day, you should be able to. Everything should be fine at that time and you should be able to get out. And enjoy your day at the national Cherokee holiday. And this is Jeff Floyd with our Oklahoma gift shop, the Red Pony. And I’ve enjoyed talking with you today and make sure you come out this weekend to the Cherokee national holiday. Thank you.

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