Oklahoma Gift Shop | Remembering Your Visit

One of the important things of having a Oklahoma gift shop is a, being able to make sure we have enough inventory for the shows we go to and, uh, to fill our orders online, which is sometimes a difficult situation because you obviously don’t know exactly what you’re gonna sell. Anytime you go to an event or a on mine, it’s kind of difficult because, uh, it’s not hard knowing what to carry all the time, but how much of it to carry because sometimes you have items that just totally blow up and you try to anticipate what they are, but you’re really not sure because you’re just mainly based it off how you feel about a product. And that’s not always how a customer is going to feel. And uh, you might have a customer want five or six of one thing at one time and uh, you gotta make sure you have enough inventory to cover that order and have more for the show

because they’re going to tell other when they like it that much. You’re going to tell other people and the other people are going to want some too. But you’ve got to balance that with also been a small owner, a sharp and keeping enough money to make sure you have enough money to buy other products and not get caught on a short on cash to operate your a store. So, uh, we, uh, try to keep a tight look on a account on all our products and know how much we have of every atom and also try to bring in new, especially with the Nast, try to bring in new items all the time.

So, uh, because people love naps, a have large collection. Some people, a lot of collectors in the youth between say nine or eight and not attain a Lotta young collectors like to collect stuff and they’re always looking for something new or something they’ve never seen before. And it’s always exciting when their parents bring them up and wanting to get a new math form. And a lot of times these guys will, you guys will look through every nap opening ever Naf and to say which one they want. And they’ll narrow it down to two or three. And a lot of times her parents just have to almost make it for them because they just, they just can’t choose, choose it. And uh, they, they certainly enjoy doing this. And I enjoy watching them because having an Oklahoma gift shop and dealing with young people, I coached little league for quite a few years and uh, it was just a joy to watch him play. And now I get to watch them pick out there, pick out a favorite NAF and watching the young ladies pick out jewelry. A lot of fun. We [inaudible] we had a convenience store for 17 years.

We, a bear was dealt with so many young people because we’re right by the school and uh, still get an opportunity to talk to people and just made their parents. And it’s just a, one of the joys of Heaven, Oklahoma Gift Shop and traveling around and getting to meet all these people. Never ever bored, that’s for sure. And of course we carry a lot of jewelry which we’re able to get. We carry a lot from qvc and other shows that a lot of our stuff is stuff that they’ve had. And we get it at a discount and pass the savings along to our customers stuff that they’ve sold in their network and a are wanting to bring in new stuff, which allows us to get it at a good rate and pass the savings onto our customers. And we never know exactly what we’re going to get. We have so many different things and style and it’s anything that’s so nomad. QVC is definitely good quality costume jewelry and you won’t see any junk or cheap China stuff on our a website. It’s good quality. And of course we carry a stun guns. We carry a jolt and a ladies choices and they’re all high quality. They

all have a warranties with them at least a year on the job. And the ladies choices, a five year warranty extended, uh, it’s a company out of North Carolina and you can send it and then they will send you a new one and it’s just a solid company that a brand that we carry are stun guns. Then of course we have a native pattern. Blankets. They are not handmade. A then would be more like three, four, $500, $600, and even above, if they were handmade, we sell the native American pattern blankets, but they are of high quality. And uh, we, there’s a lot of different brands out there right now and what we carry is top notch a cost just a little bit more. But uh, thank you. We’ll be 100 percent happy with the quality. They’re just super soft and great to sleep under. You’ll definitely notice a difference in the first couple of weeks. How much easier. Uh, you can fall asleep with one of these. They’re not heavy, but yet it’s Kinda like a damn blanket. Uh, they keep you super warm and these, we carry all these in our Oklahoma gift shop and

many other things. You might see a, a hatchet in our collection. We carry them from time to time and they sell pretty well. Oklahoma Gift Shop What is some of the other things we carry? We carry a lot of rings, a lot of native pattern rings and also, uh, other rings that we get from Qvc. And one thing people like to do, especially ladies, they love to scour the rings for that perfect rating this they’d been looking for and we just have hundreds and hundreds of choices of rings and people, uh, we try to always have them size so it’s not so hard to search them, but we do that and uh, able to have a lot of different choices and we don’t always bring the same thing to ever show. It kind of depends on a what, what kind of show it is and uh, what kind of people that we’re going to be selling to, I mean were, you wouldn’t carry the same inventory to Rodeo that you would a, a town festival because you have a different buying groups, I guess you would call it. So we always try to carry heavy on what we think

that particular crowd will be buying. We have quite a bit of inventory and quite a few choices. So we’re able to do that. And uh, it helps. Definitely helps your sale and you want, you don’t want to be at a naps when you go to a Rodeo. It’s common sense because that’s going to be one of your main sellers and uh, usually Rodeos, the haccp quality now because you’ve got people that really want something, a high quality at a show like that because they already have so many different kinds of naps and uh, we’ve been able to sell a lot of good quality naps at these shows and that’s a little bit about inventory and we’ll be touching it a lot more on it later. But for now, this is Jeff Floyd at the red pony are Oklahoma gift shop and I’ve enjoyed coming to you and I hope we’ll see you soon at the Oklahoma and gift shop, the Red Pony. Thank you very much.

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