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Today we’re going to talk about pocket knives and how they became into being and about what year they come into being a. we’d have an Oklahoma gift shop called the Red Pony. It’s number one in the state of Oklahoma and we want to share a little bit about pocket naps today. The earliest known pocket Nass date back to at least the beginning of the Iron Age. Your pocket knife was a bone handle, was fat at the, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this rat hall culture top side and Australia dating to ran 600 to 500 BC. How bear in folding blade knives made by India. Artesia ins and craftsman and dating. The Pre Roman era had been found in Spain. That’s quite a while back. We have a pin, isn’t the peasants farmer math or penny? NAF is original. Most basic design, a folding pocket knife using a simple pivoted blade and it follows an in and out

handle freely without a bag spring slit joint or a blade locking mechanism. The first peasant mass day to pre Roman era, but were not widely distributed or affordable by most people until the advent of limited production of such and cutlery center such as Sheffield, England, when we talk a lot about that when we’re talking about, uh, the Maskus maps and, uh, specifically the boy convincing around a 1650 with large scale production starting around the year 1700 with models such as Penny Nav in the Warren Cliff, some peasant assays, they bolster or tension screw at the blade to apply friction to the Blade Tang in order to keep the blight in the open position, the smallest ones, the pill, no open hole or an example of the peasants. And that’s low cost made it a favorite of small farmers and gardeners in you’re in the Americans during the late 19th and early 20th century. The slip joint, Naf. And I’m getting a lot of this information from a workload Petia. It’s such a good source of, uh, information. And please visit us at our Oklahoma gift shop and a sand springs, Oklahoma. We go to many places throughout the year and uh, it’s just a great state down to Oklahoma Gift Shop. Most pocketknife for light duty or slip joint set means that the blade does not lock once,

once open, it is held in place by tension from a flat bar or leaf top back spring that allows the blind fold at the certain amount of pressure is applied. The first Spring Nass were developed around 1660 in England. We’re not wildly widely available into the rub, the rebel of the industrial revolution and the development of machinery capable of mass production. Most locking Nass have only one blade that is large as can be fitted into the handle because I’m locking mechanism allies on the spring along the back of the blade to lock it in. It is difficult to build in

multiple levers. One of the, each blade slipped joints tend to be smaller than other typical pocket mass. And uh, we have plenty of pocket knives, different sizes, different types. And uh, we carry a lot of Emj was, which is wildly popular in the industry. A really good Nah, and a very affordable. And let me give you a, some popular patterns as a slip joint. Nice include, uh, the barlow nap, it Barlow NAF has a character risk, totally long bolster and Oh, we’ll handle in one or two blades. It is assumed to have been named efforts in banner, although this is some dispute as to which Berlow this actually was in spite of its apparently British origins of Bartol knife is often thought of as a American pattern. Did his popularity there beginning in the 19th century. And I know back in the 1960 a, I got my first Barlow Nafe had a dime store there and a spiral Oklahoma. And uh, I bought several there over the years just for a little inflammation. Their childhood information, the traditional camper

or scout map is for tools, a large draw. And we’re talking about a camper or scout map. Now, the traditional campers, math is for tools or large drop point blade along with a can opener, a combination cap lifter, a slotted screwdriver, and a oh, awl or punch. Many other combinations of large and small drug point blades. Phillip’s head screw driver saw except are considered camper or scattered ness

and then there’s a, what they call it, a canoe. NAF is somewhat like a native Americans canoe and is typically has to drop point blades dinner or something called the Congress snap. I and I’m not sure why it’s named Congress. The congress KNAPP has a convex front with a straight or shallow k back. He usually carries four blades on it.

Then there is an elephant’s toe nail getting some names that I even haven’t heard of. Elephants toenails, definitely one I haven’t heard of. The elephants toenails, a large design similar to the sunfish but usually tapers in on one end, giving it a Pilsen’s toenail shape. These snacks, like the sun fish usually have two wide blades and some of these we have in our arsenal, uh, at the Oklahoma Gift Shop. And some we don’t, but we carry, we change up our inventory all the time. So when you visit us at the red pony or Oklahoma Gift Shop, you will see a wide variety of these knives and uh, uh, we carry more nice in any Oklahoma gift shop that I currently know of and uh, we enjoy selling us in our Oklahoma gift shop and it’s always been a big seller for us. Then we also have a, the toothpick which we do carry. It’s Elo gated, Naf with a single narrow, clear point. Blade handle has boasters at both ends and is turned to type or on the opposite end of the blade durations include oversize version’s called Arkansas, Texas toothpicks and miniaturized version called a baby tooth big. Then we have a lady leg, which is a drop point blade paired with a clear point blade with a handle shaped like a lower leg with a high heeled shoe which forms a functional body opener for you, owe you beer drinkers out there and enjoy having a few beers every night in a course. Nowadays, most of them are a union screw him, but there are still a few bears that require you to have a, a bottle opener.

Then we have something called the uh Martin Spike, a single sheet foot or hot bill blind with a large sailors back to assist and untangling knots are unraveling, wrote or slicing the opposite side. Then we got the peanut, a smaller knife with a clip point and drop point from the same man. Double busters on a slightly way be handle.

There is the dog bone devil bolstered handle with a blade opening from each and the blade is systematically with roughly parallel parallel sides. Then we have the hot bill, technically, technically a blade top resembling a hawksbill with a concave sharpened edge and a dual convicts. It’s but also traditional single blinded slip joint knife with a single buster on the blight and with a teardrop shaped handle. Don’t worry if you seem lost in some of this, uh, once you, the more you study en mass and more, you learn just like any other subject and some of these names I’ve heard of and some of them I have, but, uh, I’m certainly getting that education on all that stuff. And a Kudos to wikipedia for providing so much information. It is a huge hat. Let’s say, and then we have a dog leg, they’d double bolstered handle with a single, a significant can’t resembling the shape of a dog’s, a clear point in a spray blind open with the same man. Then we have a sal belly, has a handle with deeply bode belly, similar to a Stockman, but more pronounced. It may have a single clip point blade or a

she could and clear point blade opposite a shorter speed light. Then we had the Muskrat to narrow clip point blades, one for to end with double boasters,

a melon twist, single long and narrow drop point blade use for taking a sample from watermelon. My Gosh, Oklahoma Gift Shop where did they come up with all these names? This is a pretty amazing. Uh, now we carry something that resembles a few of these. A few of them. I didn’t know what they were actually called. I usually have a name for all our nights, but I guess a different parts of the country. Call them different things. I doubt at north there is what they have a melon tester. But uh, who knows? Then there is the cotton sampler, a shorter knife bolster on the blade, and only in a single scaffold style blade. There is a pen knife and the pin was originally intended to sharpen quill pens, but continues to be used because of its suitability for fine or delicate work at pin, not generally has one or two pin blades and does not interfere with the appearance of dress clothes and carried in the pocket since I dress up so often, uh, just joking there.

The sodbuster, the sodbuster sometimes also called farmer, has a simple handle with no buster and only one blight. It is economic design usually with celluloid scales lacking mental boasters. Then there is the Stockman, which is one of the most popular nice ever made as far as pocket Nassco. The stockman has a clip and a sheep’s foot and a spade blades. They’re usually middle size. They are straight handle and sal belly versions and we carry many of these mask. They’re so durable and a nasty looking and we just have tons of them in our Oklahoma and gift shop. The sunfish is a large design with a straight handle into bolsters. The blades are usually short, less than three inches, but both the handling blades are very wide. Sunfish Nice. Usually had two blades and if you seen a sunfish snap, you would probably never forget what it looked like. It is A. There’s a reason they call it the sunfish.

Then there’s a trapper and a case knife company is very famous for their trappers. It’s a large knife with a clip and I stay blind. The blind Jews, Lee hands at the same end. There’s that is to say it is a a Jackknife and also there is a windler. Windler is the top of pin Naf with three blades, the master blade bearing to springs, and our next phase of our pocket knives and pocketknife part two. We’re going to get a start with a multitool laughs and remember to visit us at our Oklahoma Gift Shop, the Red Pony. This next weekend we will be at the big speed balloon festival. Thank you very much for your time.

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