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In this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about collecting and, uh, at the Oklahoma Gift Shop, the Red Pony, we do quite a bit of a that collecting nasty. I’ve got a pretty good size collection and, uh, that’s one of the benefits have been a selling and trading naps and, uh, other things. We’re able to get quite a collection, of course, since I do for a living, I definitely tried to do most of it by selling a, but again, at the Oklahoma Gift Shop, the Red Pony, we do try to, uh, take care of everybody’s needs

collecting during the 19th and 20th centuries. Buoy now serve usefully as a camping hunting tool as well as a weapon in it’s still popular with some hunters and trappers in the present day. However, as today’s Campers and backpackers journal or prepared but white foods and have little or no use for large knife as a weapon or for butchering wild game animals, the traditional booby now pattern is today mostly purchased by collectors or his weapon enthusiast. The buoy remains popular with collectors. In addition to various snuff manufacturing companies, there are hundreds of custom knife makers, blacksmith producing buoys and variations. Bouneff dominates the work produced by members of the American bladesmith society collected antique building, the is one of the higher in forms of not collecting with rare model selling as high as $200,000. Even mass produced Sheffield buoys from the 19th century can range from 5,000 to $15,000. So if you can ever find a mass produced shift feel boy from the 19th century, you might want to hang onto it. Uh, some of the things, uh, the betrayal and popular culture, the nab has been president and popular counselor throughout the ages ranging from the days of the western dime novels

to literary fiction. So since 80 18, 97 classic Vampire Novel Dracula, but Irish author Bram Stoker, despite the popular image of account directly or having a state driven through his heart, at the conclusion of the story is actually killed by his heart being pierced by Quincy Morris’s doing nap and his throat being slashed by Jonathan Harker. Purina who mass appeared in the classic works, the Americans, Harriet Beecher stowe and Mark Twain, Englishman, Jane Charles Dickens and Frenchmen, Jules Verne in the bowie knife. Oklahoma Gift Shop It’s appeared in television and cinema such as largely fictional. Nineteen 52, Alan Ladd. Bam, loosely based on his life of James Buoy. Darn Mitch mistresses and adventures of Jim Bowie television series. At the end of John Ford spam the searchers. Nineteen 58. John Wayne’s character, Ethan Edwards, uses a buoy knife to skip the comanche Indian chiefs scar. It had been hunting three the fam. That’s pretty wicked. Can you imagine that today was a staple in the element movies of 2004. The first three Rambo movies, first blood 1982 Rambo, part two, 1985 and Rambo number three, 1988 crocodile dundee carpet Delle Donne Day 1986 and crocodile they not 10 88. And don’t forget Friday the 13th. And that team had always. Jason the famous musician, David boy born David. Robert Jones took the name buoy. Buoy. Nah, because in his word it cuts both ways. This is a bowie knife and there is a enough and several Zombie maps in the first person shooter games of colleague, call of duty world at war, call of duty,

black ops, call of duty, black ops two and call of duty. Black ops three is a 2016 to buoy nap is a personal personable nap in the first person shooter game counterstrike global offensive. Wow. I did not know that. Since I am not a video game person and I’m sure my son Nick would know all about that. We’re going to go a little bit about the legal status, so although many jurisdiction worldwide have legislation regular regulate regulating the length of the blade, one my owner carry certain locales in the United States,

have restricting or prohibiting the curia booting up. Most of all is were past decades earlier, originally in the interest of controlling Irlam night to practice a dueling, a term which had been degenerated from our real use, social testing to generalize, have any NAF or gunfire between two contestants in some states. Many of these laws are still enforced today, whereas in other sites flaws or repealed or amended, thank goodness they were amended or repealed in 1937 the year after booze at the Lmo that Alabama, Alabama legislature passed laws and posing a $100 transfer tax on boy Nass and be praying that anyone carrying a Bowie, neff who says subsequently killed a person would be charged with premeditated murder. Oklahoma Gift Shop We seen in Virginia prohibit the concealed carrying the booing well Mississippi mud, illegal carried, concealed or when you use as a dueling way in Tennessee, the use of the bouneff to settle the speeds on the spot to alarm. So alarm state legislature in 18, 38. They not only made the concealed carrying of a buoy, Nafa criminal felony, but also prohibit the use of bowie knife and any altercation regardless of self defense or any excuse.

And let’s say that if any person tearing, eating half a weapon known as a booing or any NAF or weapons showing form, shape or size, resembled doing a on a sudden encounter, she’ll cut or stepping up. A person with such knife a weapon, whether death and are not such person or stabbing or cutting, shall be guilty of a felony conviction. Therefore, shall he be confined in jail in the penitentiary half of the state for a period of time, not less than three years or not more than 15 years. Wow. Oklahoma Gift Shop I don’t guess you want to hurting buddy with a buoy knife in Tennessee. Not sure if that law is still going on or not, but well, in modern day Texas, the stage, the fund, the carrying of a buoy knife on or about one person’s in public place places was an effect on that. Two thousand 17 specifically regulated under state law.

This law has changed effectively. September first 2017. Now Okla now. Buoy now can be carried freely throughout the state except all nice with a blade length over five and a half inches are now low. Cation restricted mass which cannot be carried in schools. Polling places, places of worship, amusement parks, courthouses, race tracks, correctional facilities. That makes sense. Hospitals and nursing facilities, sporting events and established that derive 51 percent of her income from the sale of alcohol is argued that the term bouneff and Arkansas toothpick or too subjective form the basis of Sam Legislation and that folks is my last story on the buoy. NAF. Thank you very much and be sure to check us out at one of our festivals coming up anytime soon. I know we’re and a Labor Day. We’re going to be at the Cherokee festival and a Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and this weekend we’re going to be rushed. Brings the watermelon fest festival. We will be showing our goods. We’re known as the red pony, the number one gift shop in the state of Oklahoma. We enjoy having the number one Oklahoma gift shop. You get to meet a lot of people and a show on for Steph and uh, that is for the bouneff. Thank you very much.

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