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Hello, this is the red pony and today we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the places that we’ve went to over the course of a year. Uh, we started out in January and I think the first thing we did was the egg fast and needed and we had a really good time promoting our Oklahoma gift shop. The Red Pony. We show our, a different variety of goods such as the crosses, the maths and the stun guns and the beaded jewelry. And of course our Damascus. Nice. Our flashlights and a few other different products we sell from time to time. Uh, that was a really good show. Uh, it had a lot of farmers, they’re just a lot of good a country folk and we certainly had a good time and I think they enjoyed our products and it was all different kinds of vendors and uh, of course naturally a lot of farm equipment and a different fades and seeds and certain things like that.

And after that we went to the hard rock casino in a setup there. And that was, uh, interesting to be at a casino with some of our products. We met some of our friends there that, uh, are from Katusa and come down for the show and after that we were into February course. We attended the thrive time show, the thrive time workshop that are helping us build our business with our Oklahoma gift shop. And uh, we also attended the Oklahoma, so Oklahoma City motorcycle rally a lot of motorcycles. They’re naturally. And uh, we got to say, uh, all kinds of different stuff there.

Then in March we were off to a show in mcallister. Mcallister is a real fun town to be in a, a lot of people are kind of scared of it because the jail there, but certainly we had a great time and got to see a lot of cool places down in mcallister. Then we moved onto our vegas show where we, uh, got to see all kinds of products and stuff that we might want to carry through the kind of a yearly thing we go to. And after that we say we set up the shy mall. They had a show, a lot of fun always to be in the Shawnee mall because you’re protected from the climate, the weather and things, and it’s a. We set up a little shop there and show off some of the things that we sell at our Oklahoma gifts.

Then we moved on to a Rodeo and a Rodeo is always a great time because we get to see all the cowboys do their, show their stuff off. And uh, so how good they are at the Rodeo and events. Then we also, uh, went to a rattlesnake festival. The craziest thing in the world as these rap rattle snake festivals. I mean, they did it as a competition. They catch a bunch of rattle snakes and cs and get the, the longest one, the biggest and circumference and it’s just crazy. And they put them all in a cage and you hear him and Sam and it’s, it’s just nuts. Give she not married.

Then we went to the barbecue and Blues Festival and took our stuff down there representing that red pony, Oklahoma gift shop and a whole lot that weekend. So we didn’t, we didn’t get to see many people or many of our friends since we are from sand springs. Then we went to another rattlesnake festival in a patch and this one was like a state fair. It was so big. So many people there. And uh, the same thing on a, the rattle snakes. They were doing the contest the longest one, the biggest conference one and things and uh, just it was so much fun because they’re just so much stuff today in a little town like Patchy Oklahoma everbody from around comes there for it and from long distances and a to show off their goods. We also had the telequal read from festival in April and they had it the year before, but it got rained out during the normal time and so they did it a different weekend and it’s always good to get down to Tahlequah because that’s for me and my wife met many years ago. And uh, it’s always a blast to get down to northeastern state. We both graduated from down there and now we’re the owners of the red pony, an Oklahoma gift shop.

Next was the big speed barbecues and Blues Bixby, Oklahoma. We are plenty of barbecue at that. Needless to say. Then in a mid may we’re at the stillwell strawberry festival, a tons of strawberries and ice cream.

That was a another huge show. Again, issue never been to well under the strawberry festival. You need to get out there. Always a fantastic show. Plenty of good music too. Then we got out of state for one of the first times, maybe the first time in Arkansas at least. We went to the Harrison Crawdad festival and I tried even crawdads and I wasn’t very successful. We took our Oklahoma gift shop over into Arkansas and we had people asking us a lot of questions and stuff and that was a ton of fun. The rows to Harrison are crazy though. Be careful. Then we may. We did the Claremore Rodeo put on by one of our good friends when we owned a convenience store there and Verdigris. She used to come into our store over time, she was the one in charge of the Claremore Rodeo. And after that, uh, Labor Day, not Labor Day, Memorial Day weekend, we were off to El Reno and the small town

weekend and that was a fantastic, they had cars cruising, they had cars doing burnouts, a drag racing there on a route 66 and it was just a whole whole lot of fun to see an old fashioned racism burnouts and things. And after that we were off to the park of city radio, which is, was the official Pvr Rodeo and that was just a saw some great cowboys, didn’t some great stats in the roping and bulldogging and uh, just really enjoyed that one. It’s whole lot of fun to get out with our, based on our portable gift shop and get to see places you meet new people every weekend. I mean we vanda about 45 weekends a year and it’s just a blast to get out and meet new people and get to Sam. And after that we did the Tulsa balloon festival. That was around, uh, 81st and Lewis I believe down by oral Roberts University. We were set up and they’re in the victory Christian parking lot right there on their property just across from their parking lot and get to see a lot of balloons and a few of course went up in the air and again, meeting New People, making a meeting, new customers. Great thing about traveling. We’ll get the, introduce our products from the Oklahoma gifts up the red pony to a bunch of different people.

Then we were back in basically to do the green corn festival and uh, Oklahoma Gift Shop it was another great show and a is up from last year even when, which we thought last year was a great show, but this is even bigger. And uh, they do such an extraordinary job at bigs via putting it on and just games for kids all, all day Saturday and uh, runs late evenings, uh, plenty of free watermelon, watermelon eating contest, throwing the ball through the football through hoops and stuff like that contest for guys older guys to then we went to several different places for July, fourth weekend. Actually the fourth was on a Wednesday, but we started like on the 31st. We’re in places like Davis, Oklahoma out this Blanchard marlow and uh, I think Marla was our, actually our final show and a of the July fourth trip. And you talked about being tired at the end of that, but we saw tons of fireworks that’s see like four different fireworks show, which was a, is pretty amazing. I’ve seen so many fireworks.

Then we, uh, set up again in the Shawnee mall in July, which was a relief because we get to be inside again. And uh, like I said, they always do a fantastic. So there was a little bit slower this, uh, this time, but it is the weekend after July fourth when we went to the POW powwow and it’s just a fantastic powwow. I mean see all the natives and doing that, a ceremonial dances and meeting everybody is just a whole bunch, a whole bunch of fun. Then we went to the porter peach festival, which, uh, it was just scorching hot this year. It was like a hundred and 10 out in the sun and it was a few less people is share, not quite as big as last year, but that’s to be expected with the the heat. We had the next we were at the valiant watermelon festival in value in Oklahoma Down in southeastern Oklahoma and tons of free watermelon and everybody had a great time.

Got To meet some new people. Then they’re real friendly folk in that part of the country than last weekend. August fourth weekend. We were in Guthrie, Oklahoma. First Time I’ve ever been together in my life, even though I’ve lived in Oklahoma the entire time. Just a historic historic town. Used to be the capital of Oklahoma back around the land run days and this coming weekend we will be in rush springs, Oklahoma, bixby, Oklahoma, the Cherokee national holidays. And uh, we’re also going to be at the hemp fest in Oklahoma City later on instead, or about the middle of September. So I hope you can catch us. There are. We’ve seen you at one of our shows. A, it’s so much fun having this portable gift shops. So we can get out and meet new people. So not only can you order online at the Aar Oklahoma Gift Shop, but you can also, uh, visit the red pony at one of our upcoming shows. So get out and see our portable Oklahoma gift shop. And if you can’t get at a to x online, uh, next time we’ll be talking about different products again, some of our products. So I hope you tune in again. Thank you very much. This is Jeff Florida, the red pony signing out.

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