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And we’re talking about the buoy knife and this is more information on it and we’re getting this from the wikipedia. Most lighter versions of the knife had a blade of at least eight inches in length, some reaching 12 inches or more. With the relative broad blade, there was an answer and a half to two inches wide and made of still usually between three 16th and one fourth inch to the back of the blade. Sometimes had a strip of soft metal, normally brass or copper in light with some blade was intended to kitchen and opponents blind while others hold. It was intended to provide support and absorb shock to help prevent breaking a poor quality steel or poorly heated. He treated blades a breast back as an indication of a modern construction boy. Mass often had an upper guard that bent forward at an angle intended the kitchen opponents blade to provide protection to the owner’s hand during portrays and fights. Uh, you can find both, uh, our Oklahoma gift shop. The Red Pony, uh, we travel all over the state of Oklahoma is, I said in part one and we enjoyed meeting people and talking and if you can come at tour Oklahoma gift shop and see us, uh, that’d be great. I think our next event is coming up at the watermelon festival and, uh, if you could come at that, that’d be fantastic

for the life of me. I can’t thank the little town that we’re going to be at right now, but I will here in a minute and bring it up. Some boy, Nas had a notch on the bottom, the blade near the hill, known as a Spanish. The Spanish notch is often cited as a mechanism for catching opponents blade. However, some boy researchers hold it’s finished, not suited to this function and for clean falls into achieving the desired results. See, Oklahoma Gift Shop researchers instead hold it. The Spanish notch has a much more mundane function as a tool for stripping in repairing rope, and that’s as a guide to assist and sharpening the blade.

Sharing that the sharpening process starts as a Pacific point and not further up the edge. Or is it a point to relieve stress or the blade during use? One cares to, so the map is the point at the top of the blade, which brings a typically lower than the spine and in line with a handle for better control during thrusting attacks is the goal is to produce a sharp stabbing point. Most boys had a bevel grant along the clip, typical one fourth of the way, Oklahoma Gift Shop but sometimes much further running the entire top edge. This is a referred to as a false image is from a distance they look sharp and although it may or may not be, regardless of whether or not the false stage sharp, it serves to take metal away from the point Steve streamlining the tip and us enhancing the penetration capability. The blade during this stab, the version attributed to blacksmiths. James Blake had this false image fully sharpened in order to allow somebody trained in your pre paint tactics of sabre fencing to execute them new, recalled back out or backslash they breast gillion usually cast in a mold was a test to protect the hand.

The boys. NAF design also lends itself to use as a nap or scanning or butchering game, the curve top clip, the blight, which suitably sharp and may be used to remove the scan from a carcass while the straight portion blight days toward the guard be for cutting me, Arkansas culturalist Russell t Johnson describes the James Black Naf in the following manner and at the same time captures the quickness of it must be long enough to use this or sharpen after uses. Rise are wide enough to use the paddle and heavy enough to use as a hatchet. Mostly it’s NASA attentive for hunting or only sharp and on one edge, reduce the danger of cutting oneself for butchering and skim the carcass. And a little bit history about the Naf Naf, which was boy became famous as allergic, was designed by Jim boy’s brother and parish, Louisiana and smitten by Blacksmith Jesse cliffed out of an file and a in case I haven’t already said these. This all these can be found at the Oklahoma.


Gift Shop. The Red Pony. We enjoy carrying a all kinds of different knives and the boy naps and our Damascus mass that we talked about earlier or to have the mass that we carry and we enjoy talking to people about them and a lot of people have different stories about their Damascus and boy, Nice. And they can all be found at the red pony or Oklahoma gifts. The first, uh, of course, I already talked about that. It was parish Louisiana period. Court documents indicate that risen buoy and clift were well acquainted with wanting other reasons. Granddaughter claimed in 1885 letter to Louisiana State University. She personally witnessed cliff mike the math for her grandfather. The Nath became famous as the Nathews by boy at the Sandbar five famous 1927 duel between boy and several man, including the major north route of Alexander Louisiana. The fight took place. Well, let’s see. Who did the fight take place in a sandbar and Mississippi river across from the Nasdaq Tech. Mississippi is the only document in fact, and which boy was known to have employees be Naf. Design in this battle with billy was stabbed, shot and beaten half to death, have managed to win the fight using the large knife, Jim buoys older brother John would later claim that at the

sandbar fire was not clear. Snap and now safely made for boy blacksmith named Snowden James Black Buoy,

the most time ms dot versions of the APP was designed by Jim Bowie and presented the American to Arkansas Blacksmith James Blake in the form of a car. Wouldn’t modeling that teen December 18, 30 black producer NAF order, bad boy and at the same time creating other based on booze originals on design, but with a sharp edge on the curve. Top edge of the blade. Black offered boy and his toys and boy chose the modified version now such as this was a with a blade sharpened like that, but with a pronounced fight. Edge are called Schiff. Elbulli nice because it’s play became popular that tell Sheffield, England with mass producing for export to the US by 18 slash 50 usually with a handle may from either hardwood, deer, antler bone, and sometimes with the garden. Other fittings of sterling silver. The James Black blue enough had a blade approximately 12 inches long, two inches wide, and a quarter inch thick.

The spine, the knife was covered with the breaths, the salt, brass or silver poorly kiss opponents blade in the course of a knife, fight with a breast Chilean, protect the hand the blade in that 10:31 return with is James Black. Doing that I loved and then asset with three men with farms who had been hired to killing by the man he had spared in his 1929 five. According to reports of the time, boy using that skill. All three men, one assessor was nearly decapitated. The second was disemboweled and skills third male split open. Very Dad at the battle of the Alamo. Five years later in the day of both, he and his math became an American legend. The fate of a regional brewery Nathanson, um, however naf bearing his growing buoy, number one has been acquired with the historic Arkansas Museum from Texas. Collector has been attributed to black through scientific analysis. And like I said, all this can be found at our Oklahoma gift shop. And uh, when we come back, we will talk a little bit about black and his booming business making and selling out of his shop and a wash in pen, Arkansas.

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