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Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about the red pony and the different guests we carry in our Oklahoma gift shop. We carry a wide variety of bowie knives and all kinds of different sizes and shapes, and there’s a misconception that a buoy knife just has one look in one blade. A boot covers a wide variety of different patterns and different sizes. I’m going to talk to you a lot of, a little bit about the wikipedia version of the explanation of the brewery knife and the history. I’m might use a lot of references from the wikipedia for Oklahoma Gift Shop. Uh, the red pony a buoy enough is a pattern of fixed blade knife fighting knife created by James Black in the early 19th century for Jim Bob, who had become famous for its use of large knife at a dual, at the sandbar fight. And that’s where the original name come from. Uh, it’s known as a fighting knife. The place of origin is Arkansas. And a

person who gets the credit for designing was Jim’s brother Rinzai, a buoy designed in 1930 produce ever since then. Eighteen 30. Uh, the specifications for the original was a 12 to 30 inches, blade length, uh, was five to 24 inches and the blade type was a kind of a clip point. Uh, if you don’t know what that is, you probably should look that up so you don’t know exactly what the original one looked like. And since the first incarceration, the buoy knife has come to incorporate several recognizable in case rustic design features, although in common uses, the term refers to any large sheath map with a cross guard and a clip point. Enough pattern is very popular with clickers in addition to various enough manufacturing companies or hundreds of custom NAF makers producing buoys and durations of buoys. Some of the historic complications. Early history of the buoy knife is complicated by murky definitions, limited supporting documents and completing claims that buoy is not well to find.

But the mid 19th, 20th century most would include some combination of blade length and Blade Shay. Even today day at our Oklahoma Gift Shop, I have people walking up to calling a different knives, have all kinds of different shapes but naps. And, uh, so there, I think people are pretty, uh, confused on exactly what a bully is and uh, most people just call it if it’s a real big, when they call it a buoy knife. In the mid 19, in the mid 19th century when the populated enough said it’s pig, the term was applied to wide range of blades. Absent a consensus definition, it is impossible to clarify the find the origin of an enough to complicate matters. Some American blades had met. The modern definition of bullying may predate the booby prize, part of his name and Herb Tyson from James and Bob and the tortillas not father who died at the Alamo Janesville.

He left a very thin paper trail and the absence of verifiable facts. This history was burden on verifiable knife fighting legends and Islam. Many legends go. There’s a lot of different versions of it depending on who you’re talking to. A historian historian seriously entertain the possibility that boy buoy only fought one personal enough and that was not fought with a blade meeting. The modern definition of forenza buoys, it can’t. Senbar fight received national publicity cans in Philadelphia. New York in denials rest Washington say within months of the van. James probably worry Larson off after the sandbar fight. The booth family provide a variety of conflicting stories. James Booty lift nothing. His brother Rinzai billy produced a terse history two years after Jim’s death. Sixteen years after jams. This I want assume to be. James is Jim. Jim’s brother. John slightly amended. Reza runs a store explanation to include a Blacksmith Renzo, US grandchildren. I’m dave. Different bikes man. They later be claimed that the information that attributed John was alive and that John Probably never saw a document in the mid 19 twenties, a booing the a through took liberties with the historical facts. Some document that’s were misquoted, some important facts cannot be confirmed, other incorporated errors into their cancer. Both billy and his knife with no solid description and conflict and counts of NAF history. Many were credited with the invention of the improvement of the blade.

A little bit about the origin of description. The historic buoy was not a single design but was a series of mass improve several times, but jim buoy over the years. The early sense not made by Jesse clift. Buoys brothers request resembled Spanish hang out, so the day in different, in different little from common butcher knife, the blade, a lighter scrub, a Rinzai buoy was nine point five inches long and a quarter inch thick and one a one and a half inches and wide. It was a straight back described by witnesses, a large butcher knife and having no clit point or any handguard with a simple riveted would scale, Nah handle the Nard. Lavonne has reported the first known booing showed a strong mentoring influence in so far as general lines were concerned, particularly the additional Spanish folding knife then often carried by emeris to Mexico and other territories with Oh southwest then 19, 28 and Canada.

The capture of a pirate scooter carrying a mixed group of Spanish and American pilots. The carrying of mass similar. The early booing APP is mentioned. Among those weapons were a large number alone weapons with which the Spaniards use very distinct experimentally. They are amount of that, the subs and common English carving off several inches of blight, cat bus sides. And you can find, like I said, a variety of these that are Oklahoma gift shop, the Red Pony. We try very hard, uh, at our Oklahoma gift shop to have a wide variety of NASA for, uh, both the, uh, younger guy and the older guys. And uh, it’s uh, something you got to say, get out and say, uh, uh, one of our locations that we set up every weekend and after the day a sandbar five, but he was a famous man and the Louis Brothers received many quests for NASA.

The same design. Dewey and his brothers would lighter commission, more oronite customize from various microbes including Daniel’s service and John Constable. John William Featherstone described them as these formal instruments are the proud of our console blood. And they got their name of booing us from a conspicuous person of this fire climate according to a 1950 or 18, 47 more than enough, or is originally designed to fill the need for wearable convenient close combat weapon is short, sward sward much than the cyber or other swards sowards excuse me other day, yet possessing a heavy blade. The clever like blade had enough way to get the blade significant force and slash tag. What we use of cut and thrust, we’re fighting tag the name. The buoy knife has already made in a variety of sizes with the optimum play league. Simmer that have a carving knife is on blade design, was scrubbed as nine and a quarter inches long and a half inch wide with the cross guard and protect the users are saying back spine perfectly straight. In the first instance, the greater rented at the edge of the side, it said that bridge at the it end for a length of about two inches is grand into a small segment of the circled and rendered sharp. I can say if gradual increases in white of mammal is as the hailed on, which a small gardens place booing a therefore has occurred, keen point is a double edge from space about two inches of blank. And when, uh, in use falls with the way the bill hood.

With that, I am going to stop and we will pick it back up in a minute.

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